Caldeireiros Houses

Year: 2017
Architecture: Nuno Travasso & Pedro Geraldes, with the collaboration of João Silva, Sofia Granjo, Margarida Leitão,Tiago Reis and Inês Pimentel
Coordination: SWark
Engineering: NCREP | GEPECTrofa
Contractor: CS Construtora
Clients: Ágata | João (private)
Description: First came Ágata, with a beautiful 17th century building to be refurbished. Then came João, with the building next door. The backyard did not exist: it was a space completely covered by poorly built shacks. Later, a storm teared down the shacks, unveiling a beautiful layered open space that became the center of the project: all the apartments open to it, all the accesses are made through it. All the wooden and stone structural elements in good conditions were maintained, and the intervention followed the materials and logics of traditional construction, taking advantage of old and new structural elements for the image of the spaces. We thank all those involved for this opportunity.
Photos: A Caixa Negra (finished work) | André Ferreira (work in progress)

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