Role: Lead architect, with Tiago Oliveira
Client: Gabriela and Sérgio
Location: Porto
Tipology: Home (not a house)
Year: 2019
Area: 220m2
Status: ongoing

Role: Lead architect, with Tiago Oliveira
Client: Helena and Mané
Location: Porto
Tipology: Home (not a house)
Year: 2019
Area: 240m2
Status: ongoing

Role: Lead architect at EDP
Client: EDA (Electricidade dos Açores)
Location: Açores (9 projects in 9 islands)
Year: 2019-2024
Function: Battery Energy Storage System
Areas: 900 to 1250m2
Status: ongoing

Role: Lead architect at EDP
Function: Observation and Control Building
Area: 180m2
Year: 2016
Location: Ribeiradio, Portugal
Developer: Greenvouga (EDP + Martifer)
ContractorFCC Construccion, RRC Ramalho Rosa Cobetar S.A., OPWAY
Structures: COBA S.A.
Mechanical engineering: Andritz Hydro, Efacec S.A.
Hydraulics: FCC Construccion, RRC Ramalho Rosa Cobetar S.A., OPWAY
Electricity and communicationsAndritz Hydro, Efacec S.A.
Collaboration (EDP): Diogo Santiago (architecture), Nuno Oliveira (mechanical eng.), Joana Santiago (mechanical eng.), Miguel Roque (electric eng.), Ana Costa (safety)
Status: completed

Role: Lead architect at the supervising team at EDP
Project: Quadrante Engenharia e Consultoria S.A.
Supervising team (EDP): Luís Faria, Miguel Patena, Rui Marques, António Afonso, Pedro Geraldes
Developer: EDP and SAN-JFS
Year: 2016
Function: Renewable Energies Power Plant 
Location: Titimane, Mozambique
Area: ~750m2
Status: suspended
Description: "In the scope of UNEP's initiative "Clean Energy Mini-grids", EDP established a partnership to develop cost-effective, decentralized, clean energy applications in isolated off-grid communities. Following a screening process, an off-grid village was selected, Titimane, in Mozambique, given its more favorable enabling conditions: strong local partner SAN-JFS, biomass potential and more compact village. This project creates an opportunity to test a new business model (mini-utility based on fee-for-service) with innovative technologies (solar, storage, biomass, micro-grid, pre-payment) as a first step into a potentially large attractive and unserved market. This programme is a key contribution to the UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative and aims to introduce clean energy mini-grid structures to currently unserved locations." EDP


Role: Lead architect at EDP
Developer: EDP Energias de Portugal
Year: 2015
Function: Powerplant
Area: ~2200m2
Location: Fridão, Amarante
Status: suspended
[3D/ BIM Model: André Ferreira, engineer]

Role: Lecturer
Description: Lectures at the Corporate University at EDP about the role of architecture in the projects for hydroelectric facilities. Focusing in explaining the design process of a building to the class, I produced this image that aggregates some of the design thinking principles and process sequence, with the 5-step technique for producing ideas, written by James Webb Young in 1939.

Year: 2018
Client: private order
Function: key chain + coat hook + entrance lighting
Status: preliminary studies

Role: Lead architect
Architecture: Pedro Geraldes + Tiago Oliveira
Function: B&B (more info)
Area: 120m2
Year: 2018
Location: Rua Conde de Vizela, Porto, Portugal
Status: completed

Two storeys, one apartment for B&B.
The lower floor, a basement, was never used for domestic purposes. Only one small window brought natural light to the long and narrow interior space, used as a storage space.
How could we convert a very dark and narrow space into a cozy suite? Into a place where tourists would feel comfortable. Into a place that they would recommend?
The commercial purposes of this work could never be forgotten.
The defined strategy appointed at creating bright coatings that would reflect the scarce natural light and create the sensation of a wider space than it was. Bright and plain surfaces to reflect light and wood to create texture and a ‘feel like home’ atmosphere. In the center, as the heart of the space, a multifunctional wooden piece that serves for eating, sleeping and relaxing, completely directed to the garden.
On the upper floor the task was simpler, but still challenging: the creation of another space that mixed sleeping and eating but allowing the income of natural light to the interior spaces. Naturally, without ‘killing’ a certain sense of privacy in the sleeping area, conferred here by thin vertical wooden pieces. And a projected, but still not executed, long curtain.
The bathroom, with the curved wall inspired by our previous work, Caldeireiros Houses, created a smoother entrance in the space, protecting, at the same time, the sleeping area from the entrance.
The superb rating of this apartment on different platforms, as the client complete satisfaction, is the best feedback that we can receive.

Event: TEDxPorto 2016
Role: Co-organizer and creative director
Venue: Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto
Lotation: 1100 participants (sold out)
Theme: Enigma
Main speakers: Steven Goldfarb (physician at CERN), Pedro Abrunhosa (musician and author), Mário Daniel (magician), Zia Weise (journalist), Laurence O'Rourke (engineer and cientist at European Space Agency), Joana Carravilla (social intelligence)
Photo credits: João Torres and José Fangueiro

Year: 2015
Client: private order
Materials: plywood & solid wood
Wood types: walnut, birch and ebony
Length: 2,50m
Project time: 1 month
Execution time: 3 weeks
Additional information: customizable dimensions, wood types and textiles

Role: Lead creative at EDP
Team (EDP): André Rente, Carla Fernandes, Celso Lima, Helena Correa, Paulo Luís, Pedro Ponte, Pedro Roque, Pedro Geraldes, Rui Gaspar, Rui Leitão
Collaboration: Diogo Santiago (EDP), Délio Vicente (Fablab EDP), Paulo Teixeira (Fablab EDP), Pascal Carvalho (Fundação EDP)
Year: 2015
The goal was to create an object that symbolized the COMPETENCE of the workers of EDP Produção, a company integrated in the EDP Group. EDP Produção operates hydroelectric and thermal power generation plants and supplies electricity. Its workers are well known for their amazing technical know-how.
The form of the hand emerged as the 'workers hand'. An element that creates and builds with great skills and would represent the refined ability of the workers in taking complex projects from the preliminary studies, to its conclusion.
The pieces inside the cube, like brick, cement, screws, electrical cables, plastic, wood, paper, are real components used for the projects,construction and maintenance of EDPs' facilities, as the dams, the power plants and all the other buildings. The transparent resin is the unifying element that allows to reveal the parts around the object.
The unclosed cube powers the will to put our hands inside the big hand, and feel the recognized COMPETENCE of the workers of EDP Produção.

Event: TEDxPorto 2013
Role: Production manager & creative director
VenueCentro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto
Lotation: 1100 participants (sold out)
Theme: Em Fusão ("Merging")
Main speakersSimon Schneider (Innocentive), Catarina Mota (TED Speaker), Zachary Mainen (Fundação Champalimaud), Stereossauro (DJ), Jonathan MacDonald (speaker and author)
Photo credits: Tiago Pereira

Cupies Gourmet
Role: Interior designer; branding (with Afonso Santos + Catarina Marques + Verónica Fernandes)
Client: private
Year: 2009
Program: sweets store
Project type: refurbishment
Budget: 10.000€
Concept: in order to respect the low budget for all the furniture, without disregarding the overall atmosphere, the big challenge was the search and acquisition of old and cheap vintage looking furniture, that could confer a glamorous look to all the products in the store.
On the media: Time Out, JN, Público, Imagens de Marca, among more than 50 online and written editions.

Name: Europan 10. Lisbon
Theme: Inventing Urbanity
Year: 2009
Team: Andreia Vigário + Luís Cadeco + Nuno Travasso + Pedro Geraldes + Pedro Ribeiro

Name: Cleveland Design Competition - Project Interplay
Theme: Intergenerational Recreation Park
Year: 2008
Team: João Silva + Pedro Geraldes

Name: Innovative Ideas for Porto Water Tanks
Theme: Reconversion of Portos' Water Tanks - Congregados
Proposal: Golf Academy
Year: 2008
Team: Andreia Vigário + Nuno Travasso + Pedro Geraldes + Pedro Ribeiro
Prize: Honorable mention

Name: XVI Iberian Pladur Competition - Valencia
Theme: Coastline housing
Year: 2006
Team: Frederico Costa Leite + Luís Henrique + Margarida Quintã + Pedro Geraldes

Paiva House

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