Role: Lead concept designer at EDP
Team (EDP): André Rente, Carla Fernandes, Celso Lima, Helena Correa, Paulo Luís, Pedro Ponte, Pedro Roque, Pedro Geraldes, Rui Gaspar, Rui Leitão
Collaboration: Diogo Santiago (EDP), Délio Vicente (Fablab EDP), Paulo Teixeira (Fablab EDP), Pascal Carvalho (Fundação EDP)
Year: 2015
Description: The goal was to create an object that symbolized the COMPETENCE of the workers of EDP Produção, a company integrated in the EDP Group. EDP Produção operates hydroelectric and thermal power generation plants and supplies electricity. Its workers are well known for their amazing technical know-how.
The form of the hand emerged as the 'workers hand'. An element that creates and builds with great skills and would represent the refined ability of the workers in taking complex projects from the preliminary studies, to its conclusion.
The pieces inside the cube, like brick, cement, screws, electrical cables, plastic, wood, paper, are real components used for the projects,construction and maintenance of EDPs' facilities, as the dams, the power plants and all the other buildings. The transparent resin is the unifying element that allows to reveal the parts around the object.
The unclosed cube powers the will to put our hands inside the big hand, and feel the recognized COMPETENCE of the workers of EDP Produção.

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