Design: Pedro Geraldes + Nuno Travasso
Function: Wine bottle coaster

CEPA is a wine bottle coaster, including to Port, developed by the architects Pedro Geraldes and Nuno Travasso, with the collaboration of Museu do Douro and Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto (IVDP). A piece that contributes to a new form of presentation and ritual of serving, interconnecting the bottle and the wine with materials that are at the core of its production and conservation.

CEPA is produced from a single piece of solid wood or cork, in which two intersecting cavities are cut out: one for the bottle, another for the stopper. The asymmetry of the cavities allows it to be transported, in a stable way, with the left hand, while the wine is served with the right.
On the table, both voids are filled by the two elements that protect and preserve the wine - the cork and the bottle - now contextualized by textures and aromas that are at the base of its origin and preservation.

A piece in which the nobleness of the woods from the Douro, or the historical relevance of cork, combined with the wisdom of the hands of local artisans join the wine, through the simplicity of design.

Photos: Alexandre Delmar - A Caixa Negra
On the media: Mocoloco, TimeOut, Portugal Design, The Creative Finder, Público, Revista de Vinhos, among more than 50 online and printed editions.

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