EDUC furniture

Design: Pedro Geraldes + Nuno Travasso + Catarina Dória
Year: 2010
Concept: Educational furniture line, with three different products.
The concept is simple: we wanted to question the traditional way of playing and constructing by giving children the opportunity to build in different positions, within the same piece. In one of the pieces we also connect LEGO with slate panels, in order to power the childrens' creativity (constructing + drawing). In the table we included benches with room for packing the LEGO pieces under. One of the goals of this pieces is also to power the involvement of multiple children together.
We believe that one of the big challenges of the design field, is to create attractive pieces that power the kids desire to leave their computers and tablets for some moments and have a real interaction with multiple solid objects, at the same time. 

CEPA wine coaster

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