Campos House

Role: Lead architect
Location: Porto
Year: 2013

Area: 225m2
Architecture: Pedro Geraldes & Nuno Travasso with the collaboration of João Silva and Tiago Reis
Coordination: SWark
Engineering: ASPP Engenheiros
Contractor: Rielza
Clients: Joana e André (private)
Photos (completed work): Alexandre Delmar

Joana and André invited us to their home.
They said “enter” and we passed the front door.
They repeated “enter, enter” and we passed through the hall, into the living room.
They continued “come, come”, and we arrived at their exterior garden.
That was their home.
The visit finished with a long talk in their kitchen, with everyone standing and drinking a marvelous tea made with their homemade herbs.
We talked about their future home and how it was supposed to have a big, open kitchen, with a big wooden table to join together all their friends.

When designing their new home, we tried to recompose those ideas.
One enters through a path which widens continuously until it reaches the long and beautiful exterior garden.
We pass through the spacious kitchen, built around a square wooden table, opened to the garden.
On the first floor, the atmosphere is more cosy and private.
There is the main room and a living room for the family, with big shelves where they can put all their books and souvenirs brought from their exotic trips.
The upper floor is the secret world of the children to be born.

"My house is diaphanous, but it is not of glass. It is more of the nature of vapor. It's walls contract and expand as I desire. At times, I draw them close about me like protective armor...But at others, I let the walls of my house blossom out in their own space, which is infinitely extensive." Georges Spyridaki

a house only becomes a home when it's filled with objects

Construction and design

before the intervention...

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