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Role: Lead architect at EDP
Developer: EDP Energias de Portugal
Year: 2018
Area: 35m2
Status: preliminary studies


Role: Lead architect at EDP
Developer: EDP Energias de Portugal
Year: 2015
Function: (...)
Area: ~2200m2
Status: preliminary studies
[3D/ BIM Model: André Ferreira, engineer]

Role: Lecturer
Description: Preparing a lecture at the Corporate University at EDP about the role of architecture in the projects for hydroelectric facilities. Focusing in explaining the design process of a building to the class, I produced this image that aggregates some of the design thinking principles and process sequence, with the 5-step technique for producing ideas, written by James Webb Young in 1939.

Role: Lead architect at EDP
Developer: EDP Energias de Portugal
Year: 2015
Area: ~100m2
Status: preliminary studies

Role: Co-organizer and creative director
Venue: Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto
Theme: to be announced
Date: 06.04.2019
Main speakers: to be announced

Role: Lead architect at the supervising team at EDP
Project: Quadrante Engenharia e Consultoria S.A.
Supervising team (EDP): Luís Faria, Miguel Patena, Rui Marques, António Afonso, Pedro Geraldes
Developer: EDP and SAN-JFS
Year: 2015
Function: Renewable Energies Power Plant 
Location: Titimane, Mozambique
Area: ~750m2
Status: execution phase
Description: "In the scope of UNEP's initiative "Clean Energy Mini-grids", EDP established a partnership to develop cost-effective, decentralized, clean energy applications in isolated off-grid communities. Following a screening process, an off-grid village was selected, Titimane, in Mozambique, given its more favorable enabling conditions: strong local partner SAN-JFS, biomass potential and more compact village. This project creates an opportunity to test a new business model (mini-utility based on fee-for-service) with innovative technologies (solar, storage, biomass, micro-grid, pre-payment) as a first step into a potentially large attractive and unserved market. This programme is a key contribution to the UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative and aims to introduce clean energy mini-grid structures to currently unserved locations." EDP

Developer: private
Year: 2016
Function: key chain + coat hook + entrance lighting
Status: preliminary studies

Developing an online platform* that will question and try to:

  • deepen the understanding of the creative process and creative thinking;
  • reveal/ show different creative experiences;
  • develop the critical thinking;
  • help dealing with the creative block.

How can the creative process be improved? How can it be more efficient? How can the creative talent be stimulated? The creative thinking can be a way of improving our performance in all the areas of our society, powering the lateral thinking (Edward de Bono), disruption, develop the critical thinking, learn by doing/ experiencing, design thinking, etc. This platform wants to be an opportunity and a challenge. A starting point, the process and the finish line. Because everything starts from something.

*If you want to be a contributor, please send me an email.

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