I like how ideas change things
1981, born and raised in Oporto
attended: German School of Porto, FACULTY of Architecture at the University of Oporto, FACULTY of Engineering at the University of Oporto, TED
traveled in Portugal and to: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, England, sweden, Canada
past sports: former college soccer coach, capoeira, table tennis, squash, volleyball, soccer | current: gym, ski, padel
EDP, Clínica de Arquitectura, TEDxOporto, Clube de criativos, CULTIV
lifelong friends, amazing family, wonderful wife and daughter
late dinners, historic centers, art, trends, fresh ideas, strong coffee, dark chocolate, traditional food & seafood, cold beer, CREATIVITY, teaching, creative challenges
people who make the right questions
versatile, extroverted, passionate, connector, energetic, pragmatic, committed
knowledge is the basis for having good ideas, continuous learning and sharing, resilience, organizations need an open and creative culture, teamwork, tastes are arguable, the immeasurable power of creativity, a creative mind is always working
positive, daring, joyful, resilient, open-minded, curious, spontaneous
greatest challenges
discover the unasked client's needs, conceive always better projects
keep challenging the mind, create deep experiences, develop human centered projects, promote the importance of creativity inside organizations, power people's creative spirit
specific skills
creative direction, creative FACILITATION, event direction, residential + industrial architecture, product design, team leadership
work scales
all sizes (No project is too small or too large)
360º experiences with creatives from all over the globe


For a deeper look at my profile, please visit me at LINKEDIN or TED.COM, or take a broader look at the companies in which I try to make a positive difference, as EDPCLÍNICA DE ARQUITECTURA, CLUBE DE CRIATIVOS, and TEDXOPORTO.